Update from the UCC Board 

The activities  for the UCC Board of Directors drew to a good close on June 23rd with our last meeting for fiscal year 2020.  The board will be on a two-month break until we meet again in late August.   I don’t think anyone would disagree that it has been a most extraordinary year in the life of our congregation from a governance standpoint.  Our congregation is fortunate to be led by a dedicated group of individuals who take their charge to set policy for the operation of our church completely to heart.  I am sure you will join me in thanking each of them for their commitment.  Here are some highlights of the board’s full year
  • Led the congregation into Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation resulting in a very thorough and revealing assessment of where our congregation are is situated after 60 years and what our hope for the  future might be.  The Hope Partnership process continues.  Please go back and re-read the assessment report we received from the Disciples of Christ Board of Church Extension.  It is especially valuable considering the last six months.  View Report
  • Participated in a diversity workshop with Nikki Lerner, a gifted speaker and spiritual leader who helped us discern how we can be better listeners even with our differences. 
  • Studied, discussed, and eventually decided to undertake major repairs to the roof of the building in early winter 2020.   While this repair cost us a little under $20,000, we were fortunate to have the money in hand and to work with a contractor who extended to us a significant discount.  By undertaking this work, we avoided what would only have led to an even bigger repair job down the road.
  • Approved the development, funding and hiring of a part time education coordinator, our own Katrina Dodro, to help support   our work with children. 
  • Appointed a task force to evaluate our pastor.  The board reviewed and approved the evaluation and the recommendations from the task force.  The President and President-Elect worked with our pastor to implement recommendation. 
  • Filed vacancies on the board as needed.  We welcomed Gisela Martinez to fill an unexpired at large position.   She was elected to this position in May.
  • Led the annual meeting and election of the whole congregation
  • The board prepared in advance for the ability to hold our meetings virtually.  By the time it became clear that we would not be able to meet face to face, the board easily transitioned to virtual meetings.   We have not met face to face since January, yet we have been able to fully carry out the work of the board.   We have most importantly supported Rev. Nathan Hill's appointment of a re-opening task force 
It's been ten years since the board undertook a comprehensive review of our plan or organization, our church's constitution, and by-laws.   At the April board meeting we approved a task force to review the POO and recommend updates.  The congregation will have the opportunity to review and vote on these proposed changes this fall.  Stay tuned.  

Finally, the board has the responsibility for overseeing the financial life of our congregation.  Thanks to the adept management of our financial secretary, treasurer and the finance committee, what started as a deficit at the beginning of the 2020 fiscal year has ended with a surplus.  Our wholehearted gratitude goes to you, each participant in our congregation, for your very faithful stewardship of your time, talent and treasure during this past year.    You will hear more from our treasurer, John Farley, about the state of our budget in this same newsletter.  Please see update below.

 Thank you for your support of your board of directors throughout this year.  

May God bless you.    

UCC Budget Update

Thank you church for your on-going commitment to the ministry of University Christian Church.  Over the last 3 months you have continued to support the day to day life of the church through your prayers, actions and gifts.  
Currently, the financial condition of the church remains strong. As we approach the end of the fiscal year, we anticipate a surplus in the operating budget of about $5,000.
Previously this spring, the Board of Directors decided to postpone this year's stewardship campaign until later in the year.  The Board also decided to "roll forward" the current operating budget of $311,000 until a formal campaign could be completed.  At our recent meeting Monday evening, the Board formally approved a modified budget for the first six-months of FY21. While most of the budget items remain the same, a few adjustments were made due to cost increases and the hiring of a Music Director (Jack Perdue). No changes were made to salaries and Outreach giving remains at 6%. Overall, these changes result in a projected deficit of $5,000 for the entire year.  
During the upcoming months, a stewardship campaign will be conducted and a revised budget will be developed to cover the last six months of FY21. A congregational meeting will be held in the fall to discuss and approve the 6-month FY21 budget.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Farley or Chris Bock.
John Farley, Treasurer
Chris Bock, Chair, Finance Committee


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